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Credit Repair

How the recession has impacted Washington's Credit
The economic downturn has put considerable stress on residence of Washington, and their budgets along with added stress of a rising unemployment rate. With the loss of jobs, many people have had to pay their bills late or not at all resulting in negitave items being reported on their credit. Now that the economy is begining to recover, and many are starting to find new jobs, their bad credit remains. That is why Accurise has always held the stance to be different than our competitors in charging a more affodable pricing of only $59 Dollars. Sign up today, and begin your road to your credit recovery!

How We Remove Bad Credit for Only $59 Dollars!

Our proprietary 4-step credit recovery program:
1.) Immediate Credit Error Interrogations - After signing up, our automated system will begin on your first round disputes to gain traction on your credit score recovery.

2.) Ratio Analysis for Score Optimization - While your interrogations are active, we'll personally assist you in analyzing your debt-to-equity ratio to optimize your goal score at a stable state.

3.) Positive Tradeline Recommendations - Part of rebuilding your credit standing is creating positive tradelines. We will recommend you our handpicked choice of lenders and credit companies catered to business owners and budgets.

4.) Current and Future Budgeting - We'll assist you in helping balance your budget according to your score and lines of revenue -- just another way of helping you secure fair financing.

Accurise can change your life forever! All you need to do to get started, is call the 1-800-388-7913 number and speak to a credit repair specialist that is not only very cool to talk to, but will be very understanding of your situation as well. Go ahead and sign up, and you will be amazed at how fast it is before you start receiving letters from credit bureaus stating your negitave items and charge off's have been deleted! (See Below)

Real Charge Off Notification

Don't wait, just call the number, and get the results you need! 1-800-388-7913

Top 2 Myths About Credit Repair

Myth #1 Only “Law Firms” can help improve your credit.

Don't believe the hype.
The Fair Credit Reporting Act explicitly states that you can take your credit matters into your own hands, without the aid of expensive lawyers or our competitors. Compare our prices and services to our competitors.

Myth #2 Repairing your credit is never a sure thing.

Not with us! We’re so confident in our services we GUARANTEE our services. If we don’t raise your credit score, you don’t pay. Period. Don’t believe us? Call and ask one of our Credit Repair Specialists! 1-800-959-4209